KorovaDTLA - Photo Film Shoot Warehouse Location in Downtown Los Angeles

About KorovaDTLA

KorovaDTLA is a 14,000 sq/ft, two story industrial warehouse available as studio space for film and photo shoots. Located in Downtown Los Angeles, this unique space with 14′ ceilings, custom built sets, rooftop access with a stunning view, and a 28′ cyc wall with natural light is the perfect location for a variety of productions such as music videos, short films, webisodes, student films, photoshoots, feature films, commercials and much more. KorovaDTLA also available for use as basecamp and crew parking.

Founded by photographer Kelly Black, KorovaDTLA was established with a focus on building community, dedicated to providing space, regardless of budget, for artists to fulfill their creative visions.  Opening its doors to the community for monthly art shows, meetups, group shoots and other events, the studio is the creative epicenter of DTLA where both established and up-and-coming creative visionaries can find an outlet.

Not just another generic “green screen and cyc wall” studio, KorovaDTLA is the ultimate studio, providing a one stop shop for a variety of projects. Built by a creative for creative, KorovaDTLA’s natural urban settings and unique custom sets are sure to inspire. The only studio in Los Angeles with so many options and unique looks, KorovaDTLA is the perfect location for music videos, photo shoots, films and more.


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